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Bourgogne, Côte d'Or, Oktober 1999

Above the Clos des Lambrays

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Like in the former years Black Ink once again visited the Côte d'Or in 1999 in order to taste the wines of the new vintages and to talk about wine and wine making with those who make them.

This year we were present during harvest for the first time - though most of the vinter were working in their vineyards and therefore had only little time for us. But it is excactly the right time to get some impression of the new vintage.
Though people were busy working for the new vintage we had plenty of time to make degustations in many domains and had detailed conversations about wine making. Most vinters were in very good mood talking about the potential of the new vintage.

This year we focus our report not only on degustations, but also on the domains and the personality of the vinters and wine makers, their poit of view, their passion and their way of making wine.

The following visits and degustations took place during the 30st of September until the 8th of October 1999. The different vinters arn't listed from the north to the south like last year. This time we are more aware of the different domains themselves than of the various villages. We focused on wines from the Côte de Nuits. Because different glasses stress different aromas we used - for the sake of a better comparison - for all degustations the Le Tster Impitoyable which enables even young wine to develop its aroma and therefore is perfectly suited as a glass for tasting.

For people who arn't that familiar with Burgundies we have a shor introduction which definitely can be ignored by insiders.

Those who want to drink good wine should find her or his own taste. The following pages are not meant to give recommodations on buying wine, moreover, they should encurrage to make own notes and comparisons and should encurrage to discover joyfully the unknown world of taste.

Nikolai Vogel & Kilian Fitzpatrick

  1. Short Introduction

  2. Harvest 1999

  3. Vintages 1990-1998

  4. Proud Wines - Armand Rousseau

  5. Passion for Concentration - Perrot-Mignot

  6. In the Beginning - Clos des Lambrays

  7. Wine Before Unification - Clos de Tart

  8. Right through Chambolle - Amiot-Servelle

  9. Dark Tones - Domaine Armelle et Bernard Rion

  10. Old Vines - Domaine Bruno Clavelier

  11. At the Hight - Olivier-Gard

  12. Solid Empire - Thomas-Moillard / Moillard-Grivot

  13. The Expression of the Soil - Domaine de l'Arlot

  14. Charming Animal Aromas - Henri Pinte

  15. De Ja Vu - Maurice Chapuis

  16. Perhaps the Vintage of the Century - Dubreuil-Fontaine

  17. Sold out Quickly - Tollot-Beaut

  18. The Brother - Michel Gay

  19. Solid Passion - Michel Lafarge

  20. And the Whites?- From Chassagne-Montrachet with Love

  21. Evening's Best... - ...Including a Pleasant 1970 at the End

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