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In the Côte d'Or especially in Beaune and along the high frequented N74 following the Cote, there are several big opportunities for winetasting and wine stores. Those places are used by tourist companies pushing through their customers and squeezing some money out of them by selling some minor wines to them.

The merchant house of Thomas-Moillard, a big sized, hall like building at the northern entrance of Nuits-Saint-Georges might at first give the impression of such an etablissement. But this impression is wrong. Actually you really can visit an impressiv large, but not so old cellar (capacity of some hundred barrels and about 600.000 bottles) and then take your time while tasting some recommendable wines.

The size of the cellar - Moillard even owns two other even larger ones - and beside the great property of vineyards of the Domaine Thomas-Moillard is because that their are attached to the merchant house Moillard-Grivot. the wines of the merchant house (Moillard-Grivot) are mainly very good and the wines of the domain (Thomas-Moillard) from the own estate are mostly recommendable.


Hautes Cotes de Nuits blanc 1997 (Domaine Thomas-Moillard)
Bright yellow. Fragrance a bit like Champagne, a lot of apple. In the mouth apple, slight aromas of wood, pleasant, soft acidity. Good 13 % alc. (54 FF)

Batard-Montrachet 1996 (Moillard-Grivot)
Bright yellow. Very intense fragrance of flint-stone, sand, mineral, present wood. In the mouth good apple like acidity (green apples), some vanilla, flint-stone. Spreading wormth. Rich. Slightly white of egg in the finish. If they disappear it is going of be a very good wine, ofcourse also very expensive. 13,5% alc. (525 FF)

Puligny-Montrachet 1990 (Moillard-Grivot)
Shining bright gold. In the fragrance bacon, sea salt, some caramel, notes of varnish, very intense aromas. In the mouth dominant acidity, flint-stone, caramel, brown (oxidated) apple, slightly honey. No dominant fruit, but very full bodied in the mouth. Goes well with chicken. 13,5% alc. (147 FF)


Bourgogne 1997 (Cent Cinquante Ans) (Moillard-Grivot)
Colour of raspberry. Fragrance of dark berries, blueberries. In the mouth smooth and berry like tannins. Good, basic Bourgogne. 12% alc. (48 FF)

Volnay 1996 (Moillard-Grivot)
Colour of raspberries. In the fragrance cranberries, and also notes of fur, leather and soil. In the mouth crispy acidity and good tannin. Good wine - is likely to become a very elegant wine. 13% alc. (110 FF)

Nuits-Saint-Geoges 1er Cru Clos de Thorey 1997 (Domaine Thomas-Moillard)
The Clos de Thorey, a monopol of Moillard, is always one of the best wines of the house. A Nuits of the stronger, more spicy kind. Cherry red.
Scents of morellos and wood. Herbs, spicy and grained red pepper (capsicum). In the mouth plenty of ripe tannin, still closed. Hot on the tip of the tongue. Wood in the finish. Needs some more years before unfolding. 13,5% alc. (175 FF)

Pommard-Rugiens 1er Cru 1997 (Domaine des Orbiers)
Colour of blackberry juice. Aromas of blackberry, yoghurt and pepper. Very intense. In the mouth strong acidity and strong tannin. Clearly hot on the tongue and on the palate. Wood and fir-needle. Dark and deep wine. Very good Pommard. 13,5% alc. (190 FF)

Bonnes-Mares Grand Cru 1997 (Moillard-Grivot)
Brighter than the Pommard. Colour of morello juice. In the nose pepper, fir-needle, tomato-pulp, green pepper (capsicum) and some CORNELKIRSCHEN. In the mouth the dominant blueberries. Strong but soft tannin, wood, very fine acidity. 13,5% alc. (365 FF)

Romanée Saint Vivant Grand Cru 1997 (Moillard-Grivot) Colour of dark cherry juice, very clear and shining. In the nose closed, green scents. Fragrance of tannin and wood and also fresh black current. Taste also a bit green, clear acidity, fine grained tannin, cooked fruit, cherry and plums - that also then appeared in the fragrance, the plum more dominant than cherry. Very complex wine. Still closed - great potential. (460 FF)

For comparison we tasted the Pommard-Rugiens again. It is the darkest of all. Dark fruit, soil, very spicy. We noticed that it amazingly remained to good Bordeaux and seemed close to a Cabernet. Top level wine. This time it was the best we tried, though the Romanée Saint Vivant could become more subtle.

In the evening we opened a bottle of Moillard. A wine that is probably sold out in the meantime because there were only very little bottles left.

Vosne-Romanne Les Malconsorts 1er Cru 1976 (Domaine Thomas-Moillard)
The Les Malconsorts counts like the Clos de Thorey to the domain wines of Moillard and furthermore is very recommendable.
Brick red, mature orange edges. Notes of spice, red pepper (capsicum), pepper, dried tomato, then plums, and later on also blueberries, forest soil, champignons and scents of truffle. Very earthy. In the mouth strong, cherry like acidity and still strong, but also a bit fragile tannin. Good aroma of ageing and maturity. Reminds us amazingly of a Chianti Classico Riserva (e.g. a Badia a Coltibuono of 1971). Strong long finish. Very mature, could be stored even longer, but with the danger of losing the fruit that now is excellent and complex. Very good mature Burgundy. (250 FF)

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