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Our first visit at Dubreuil-Fontaine - and it was worth while! The very friendly Bernadette Cognet who works at the domain degustated with us and told us some details about this year's vintage. For Dubreuil-Fontaine the vintage of 1999 is going to be extremely successful, and perhaps - the quality of the harvested grapes let it likely to be so - the best vintage of the century. The grapes are completely healthy without rot and has such a high amount of natural sugar that there is no need for chaptalisation and in addition - tough the local administration has set up the maximum limit for the quantity of grapes - some grapes still had to be sold to the distillery. But with wine it is rather dangerous to rush to conclusions - but nevertheless you can be looking forward to the domain's wine of this year - vintage of the century or not - all the other wines before 1999 were very convincing. A very good source for fine Pernand-Vergelesses and Cortons. We also took a very good brandy with us a Vieux Marc de Bourgogne 1979.

The Drubreuil-Fontaine Estate


Pernant-Vergelesses Clos Berthet 1997
A monopole of Dubreuil-Fontaine on which red and white wine is grown.
Bright golden beautiful colour. Aromas of honey, good wood, mineral, flint stone, apple jam. In the mouth full bodied, good wood, mineral, good, apple like acidity, slightly hot on the tip of the tongue. Still needs about five years. Good and complex Chardonnay. At Dubreuil-Fontaine they say it is a little Charlemagne (94 FF)

Corton-Charlemagne 1997
Shining gold. Intense fragrance with good notes of wood. Scents of apple and mineral. In the mouth very good acidity reminding of apples. Limestone and slight flint-stone, pleasantly NERVIG, very lively, good aromas of botrytis, sea air. Full bodied and long, but still very closed. Complex (210 FF)


Bourgogne Passetotugrains 1997
Good colour. Aromas of raspberry and cherry yoghurt, some blueberries. Rather typical. (27 FF)

Bourgogne 'la Chapelle Notre Dame' 1997
Good dark colour. Raspberry, violets, resin. In the mouth wood, fir needle, tannin. Still a bit crude with edges, but rather full. In the aftertaste good notes of limestone. Good Bourgogne. (35 FF)

Pernand-Vergelesses 1997
Rather dark. Blueberries and cherries. Strong tannins, oak wood. Basic. (57 FF)

Pernand-Vergelesses Clos Berthet 1997
The opposite of the white. Good colour. Aromas of wild cherries. Tender, fine tannins, strong acidity. Mineral. Still rather young vines (six years old) so the wine is expected to gaining some complexity in the following years. (70 FF)

Pernand Ile des Vergelesses 1er cru 1997
Ile des Vergelesses Vergelesses is regarded to be the best climate of the appellation Pernand-Vergelesses.
Good colour. In the nose earthy, cherry and black currant. Very good tannin and splendid, balanced acidity. Fine, still closed wine. (105 FF)

Corton-Perrières Grand Cru 1993
Very dark and opulent. Strong, spicy. notes of terroir. Very good tannins and acidity. Blackberries. Very well balanced, full bodied and good structure. A wine that starts to open and lets one anticipate how beautiful it is going to be in a few years. Superb Corton of a very good vintage! (160 FF)

Corton Clos du Roi 1992
Dark, spicy, grained red pepper (capsicum), notes of leather, green olives, dried tomato. Not so full bodied like the 93 Perrières. Good tannin, fine acidity. Full body. In the aftertaste basil! (154 FF)

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