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(Concoeur et Coboin - Hautes Côtes de Nuits)

The vinter's mother who made the degustation with us, told us that the Hautes C(tm)tes only since 1965-70 was replanted with vines though there were great doubts about it. Wine wasn't that great busyness so the family counted on growing black currant for Cassis and other products. Since 1979 they planted some vines becoming more and more during the years. Manuel Olivier-Gard was born in 1972 and his parents rather early recognized his excellent sense of taste, so they thought that he might be a good vinter. After some journeys to Africa and some other jobs he felt his dedication to wine at a degustation being hypnotized by a Romanée-Conti. So he decided to become a vinter and winemaker. The first one he produced was the 1990 together with his uncle. The first one alone was the 1993. Those who are looking for good Burgundy at reasonable prices should visit him. There also is a recommendable Cremant de Bourgogne and at the Fruirouge of the vinter's brother you can get an excellent Cassis that gives a splendid Kir together with an Aligoté of Olivier-Gards.


Bourgogne Aligoté 1998
Pale yellow. Fragrance of citron and apple. Very fruity and fresh. Good recommendable Alogoté that people in Burgundy sometimes enjoy for breakfast. (30 FF)

Hautes Côtes des Nuits blanc 1996
Bright yellow. In the fragrance mashed apples, lots of ripe pears. Some scents of grapefruit. Good acidity. Round. (38 FF)

Hautes Côtes des Nuits blanc 1997
Bright yellow. Some peach and sweet blossoms in the nose. In the taste some aromas of fruit candy. Sweet freshness. Very good! (45 FF)


Hautes Côtes des Nuits Cuvée tradition 1997
Colour of blueberries. In the fragrance blueberry and forest raspberries. In the moth some elderberry, taste of cherry and a bit liquor. (40 FF)

Hautes Côtes des Nuits Cuvée de Garde 1997
Colour of blackberries and also in the fragrance blackberry, moss, spicy, pepper. In the nose and mouth lots of black currant. Good green notes of leaves and branches. Fine tannin. (45 FF)

Hautes Côtes des Nuits Cuvée de Garde 1996
Colour of Morellos. In the fragrance open, intense. Notes of spices, pepper, red pepper (capsicum), mashed dark berries. In the mouth wood of stalks, strong tannins. Some black currant. Not mature yet. Long. Leaves wormth behind. In the finish ripe red apple.

Hautes Côtes des Nuits Cuvée de Garde 1995
First signs of maturity on edges. In the fragrance coked dark berries and very intense morello. Good acidity, good tannin, even more than the 96. Notes of spices. Very good. Ready to drink in about two years.

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