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... including a pleasant 1970 at the end

Of course we didn't only degustate, but enjoyed the one or other mature bottle you always seemed to be lookin for in Burgundy with local cow and goat's cheese. Here now the notes of the best discoveries:


Louis Trapet Pere & Fils - Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru Clos Prieur 1978
Beatuiful coloured mature edges. In the beginning it needs plenty of air - then leather appeared, wet fur, spices, damp forest soil, later on pepper, curry, red peppers (capsicum), cherrry stones, mushrooms and cinamon in the fragrance. It tasted very good and pleasant, a bit hot, and brought to mind cherry stones, wood of branches, forest soil - extremely persistent. Left warmth behind, long finish, almost everlasting aftertaste with notes of oak (without the taste of vanilla). Prunes and slightly citrus fruit (grapefruit) - extraordinaryly harmonious, perfect balance of tannin and acidity. Acidity is very pleasent, decent, but lively, tannins very much enclosed. Tasty note of age. (435 FF in a wine store in Beaune)

Joseph Drouhin- Beaune Greves 1er Cru 1995
Rather dark. And also dark fruit, red and black currant. Good and almost crunchy tannins. (71 FF for 0,375l in a wine store in Beaune)

Faively - Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru Les Poréts Saint-Georges 1992
Rather dark. Intense fragrance of mixed spices - ground red capsicum, pepper, curry, dried tomatoes, cranberry jam. Earthy notes, very light only anticipated taste of cork. It tasted hot, opulent, clear, deep, earthy, spicy - had the same tones in the nose, very intense. (81 FF for 0,375l in a wine store in Nuits-St-Georges)

Faively - Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru Les Poréts Saint-Georges 1990
Like the one above, even darker, no cork tone. Bazaar of spices (capsicum, curry, pepper...), dried tomatoe, some ripe plum. full bodied in the mouth, good and very strong tannin, good acidity, balanced, long lasting, will be very good in future. (119 FF for 0,375l in a wine store in Nuits-St-Georges)

Jaques-Frédériç Mugnier - Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru 1985
Beautiful mature edges, mature red. Fine, but not disturbing sediment. In the beginning scent of liquorice, sweet raspberry, later on more dark berries, some cherry, red fruit. Fine, lighter kind of pinot. In the mouth first sweet raspberries, liquorice, very good acidity, some red apple peal. Then wood raspberries, wood strawberries, extremely good and sweet tannins - on the tip of the tounge very sweet, fine and hot. Very well balanced, lively acidous, long and lasting, very elegant and fine, what a pleasure! At its top (390 FF along with a delicious menu at the small, excellent restaurant Chambolle Musigny a Chambolle-Musigny in Chambbolle-Musigny)

View on Morey-St-Denis

Albert Morot - Beaune Gréves 1970
Beautiful mature shaded colours, brick red, at the edges bright carmine. Complex aroma, changing presently. Sweet cherry, tobacco, good ripe red fruit, some scents of spices, later on forest soil, leather and cocoa powder. Tasted clear bright, good, sweet, cherry like acidity, very lively, fantastic, embedded tannines. Very, very fine. Complex and long lasting. In the finish super fresh acidity. Mild and very well balanced. While opening up it gets fresher steadily. It goes in the direktion of the bright and red fruited sort of pinot. Elegant. A mature pleasure. At its very top. A mega Burgundy of the excellent kind. From the brilliant wine estate Albert Morot in Beaune. On the label there is the Château de la Creusotte the family castle of the Morots reminding one of the Monster's house... (190 FF, Perandel in Beaune)

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