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Bourgogne, Côte d'Or, September 1998

Pinot Noir Grapes

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Now for the fourth year in a row Black Ink Publications visited the Côte d'Or in September 1998 to taste the wines of the latest years and to visit several vinters again or for the first time.
For those readers not familiar with the various wines of Burgundy, a small introduction follows. For those who are, the following text can be passed over without having missing something essential.

The area of Burgundy is an almost endless field for degustations. And the following notes and impressions cannot and will not give a representative survey (important villages like Aloxe-Corton are missing - we didn't try any wine there this year). But these notes should make you curious and should inspire you. And if you happen to know the one or the other wine for yourself, you are invited to compare them on your own.
Actually, the middle of September is a rather bad time of the year to taste wines because the vinters are in the middle of their preparations for harvest. But on the other hand, you are more or less alone (not disturbed by too many people around) and you can use the important time before harvest or you can ask the vinters for first forecasts about this year's quality.
The following tasting notes were all made in September, '98. The order of progress is simply from north to south.

by Nikolai Vogel
& Kilian Fitzpatrick

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