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Sutcliffe, Serena / Schuster, Michael: Burgund. Ein Hallwag Taschenführer. (A new edition is published every two years.) Bern: Hallwag. (German edition)
An excellent interduction into Burgundy's different appellations and their vinters. Handy, compact.

Norman, Remington: Côte d'Or. Die grossen Weingüter im Herzen des Burgunds. Bern: Hallwag, 1996. (German edition)
A splendid book with plenty of details. 131 selected top producers of the Côte d'Or whose vineyards and vinification tecniques are described - competent and detailed.

Coates, Clive: Côte d'Or. A Celebration of the Great Wines of Burgundy. London: Weindenfeld and Nicolson 1997.
A huge tome with more than 1,000 pages. It is divided into three parts, the appellation and their climates, the history of selected vinters and their method of vinification, and a large part with tasting notes of wines from the vintages 1945 to 1994. In this book you find detailed information about the several Premier and Grand Cru climates. Burgundy's wines judged through the subjective view (and taste) of Clive Caotes who definitely counts as one of the region's top experts.

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