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With wine:

It is a great pleasure to open a bottle of good red or white Burgundy in the evening and simply have cheese and baguette with it. Besides the excellent Brie de Meaux, Comte and sheeps' cheese, Burgundian cheese also tastes very well. For example: the famous Epoisses, Cîteaux, or a Ami de Chambertin, a strong, intense cheese with no retained smell that is probably very close to the German Romadurs. There is also plenty of local goat's cheeses. Fore these there is the rule: The more unsighty, the better. Some of them are covered with ash, and many of them are teeming with white and green mould, and often there is still straw hanging down... excellent shops where you can buy local cheeses are located in Beaune, Nuits-Saint-Georges and Dijon. Try them!

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