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Vintages 1990-1998

Ups and Downs

In Burgundy, September 1998 was very rainy, humid and rather cold. 1998 therefore won't be a very good vintage. In the middle of September there was even some rot. You will succeed in buying with vinters who separate their grapes most accurately and who - in order to get a good wine - renounce on quantity. The whites often lack acidity so they are relatively soon to be drunk. Pleasant Chardonnays, similar to the 97, rarely really great. The reds are fruity and pleasant to drink. Soft tannins and mild acidity, there are really some discoveries - without having to wait for maturity for many years.

1997: In Burgundy it was rather hot and sunny in September. The grapes matured completely, but also many of them dried out and shrunk a bit. The reds we tasted from the barrel showed a lot of fruit, but had rather low acidity so they are relatively soon to be drunk. The few whites we drank (they were already bottled) weren't that convincing - they have a clear lack in acidity so they seem to be rather plain. There is a want of intensity and deepness.

1996: It was an excellent year in Burgundy. Tannins and acidity turned out to be well balanced and the tannins aren't more intense and aggressive than in the vintages of 1993 and 1988. The wines of this year have good fruit and concentration and even now show complexity. They are worth while for longer storage and should mature in an elegant way. The red wines, perhaps, are not so intense in comparison with the 1993 and won't take that long ro ripen, but they will get much more finesse and will be more balanced. The white wine is also convincing, with good fruit and acidity. A classical vintage - unfortunately the top producers are mostly sold out of this type.

1995 also was a rather successful year in Burgundy - for red and for white wines. 1994 wasn't that concentrated, but produced some fruity, pleasant red wines that are to be consumed rather soon - and fruity white wines. 1993 was a vintage that is considered to be excellent for red wines among vinters - rather strong tannins, however, demand a long period of maturing, and with many wines it is not yet clear if the different components will reach a balanced level. 1992 was very successful for white wines. Good vinters produced rather pleasant wines with only little tannins. These wines are mature and can be enjoyed now. 1991 was a medium vintage 1990 was a classical vintage, especially for red wines that are now reaching their maturity.

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