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Through the Winter

Burgundy, Côte d'Or, December 2002

At Vosne-Romanee in December

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This year we visited the Côte d'Or in the winter, aside from the turbulence. December this year showed a lot of mist and rain. This year's wines are all in the barrel and slowly show their shape.

In many domains the magnificent 1999'er red wines are already sold out and await their maturity at their new owners or at the shops. The now amazing 2000's are young so appealing and approachable like almost no other vintage. But the best wines certainly need some more years; many of them are at the moment irresistible fine and make this early mature vintage attractive - just in case one has no patience or no suitable storage facility.

In addition to our article about our annual Burgundy visit we have updated the Vintage Reference and for Burgundy beginners there is our Introduction.

Nikolai Vogel & Kilian Fitzpatrick

  1. Winter Mist

  2. Already sold out - Denis Bachelet, Gevrey-Chambertin

  3. From Gevrey to Nuits - Confuron-Cotétidot, Vosne-Romanée

  4. In between - François Lamarche, Vosne-Romanée

  5. Inside - Moillard-Grivot, Nuits-Saint-Georges

  6. Strength of Finesse - Domaine de l'Arlot, Premaux

  7. Home Climate - Château de la Velle, Meursault

  8. Enjoyed in the Evening...

Leftover Grapes

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