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Cheese - perfect along with wine.

Beaune Clos de Mouches 1er Cru 1993
Domaine Chanson
Carmine. Slight mature tones. In the nose slight notes of caramel, some coffee, soaked liquor-prunes and liquorice. In the mouth acidity of cherries, red apple and blackberries. In the aftertaste cereals, and slight notes of whiskey. Better taste than fragrance. All in all we were not quite convinced. Perhaps one still has to keep it?

Beaune Clos des Fèves 1er Cru 1990
Domaine Chanson
Brick red, ripe plums. Dark fruit, blueberry, plum, green pepper, some liquorice and caramel. Earth tones. In the mouth good structured with blueberry and silghtly hot. Worm finish. In the aftertaste prunes.

Vosne-Romanée Les Malconsorts 1942
C Marey & C.te Liger-Belair / Liger Belair & Fils

Vosne-Romanee Les Malconsorts 1942

- Bought it in Beaune. Bottle was filled up to the middle shoulder. No-one really could tell if it is still consumable. The bottle was seald with wax, the cork beneath completely soaked - it slipped into the bottle as we tried to pull it out with the corkscrew. The wine was decanted. It didn't break up in the air, but opened up more and more. -
Bright brick red, orange edges, no brown. Beatuifully changing to a red heart. In the nose forest soil, rum and liquor, dried fruit, whiskey tones, liquorice, prunes, cranberry jam. Very intense. After a while also blackberry and powdered red pepper (capsicum). In the mouth soft cooked fruit, some cherry, present acidity with slight tones of aging which disappeared exposed to the air almost completely. Tannin on the tip of the tongue. Warm with long echo. Strawberry jam, grain cereal. In the aftertaste dried apple. Very round and harmonic. Very fine wine. In the finish after some time in the air some caramel. Fantastic sixty years old Burgundy, full of complexidity with tender not disturbing aging tones. Without doubt the absolute wine-highlight of our Burgundy trip.

Vosne-Romanée Reserve 1964
E. & J. Breuillot Frères a Beaune
- Filled to the upper edge of the shoulder. -
Very nice colour of cooked morellos with orange edge. In the fragrance leather, liquorice, dark fruit, slows, cellar-aroma. Clear aging tone, but still well drinkable. In the mouth sweetness. Some cacao. Still present acidity and tannin. Slight metal in the finish. Warm aftertaste with preserved prunes, leather and wet fur.

In the small restaurante 'Chambolle-Musigny' at Chambolle-Musigny along with a fine menu two Chambolles:

Chambolle-Musigny 1988
Domaine Georges de Vogüé
Dark intense red, showing first mature tones at the edge. In the fragrance aroma of forestberries, cherry, dark fruit, cacao, leather and spice. In the mouth also strong with dark, full fruit and forest soil. Apple like acidity. Probably it can still mature for a long time. Worm finish.

Chambolle-Musigny Les Charmes 1988
Domaine Servelle-Tachot
From a 0,375 litre bottle.
Brick red with mature tones at the edge. In the fragrance strawberry, flowers and liquorice. In the mouth strong acidity, pomegranate and some leather. Delicate fine Chambolle. Now at its top.

- With cheese and wine through the winter -

Cheese and Wine

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