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Cellar of  Domaine de l'Arlot

The domaine de l'Arlot owns two Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru climates alone - the Clos d'Arlot and the Clos des Forêts-Saint-Georges.

The Clos des Forêts-Saint-Georges is a classical textbook Nuits and is certainly the stronger of the both wines. It is mostly regarded as the greater one. A few years ago we nevertheless had been impressed mainly by the red Clos d'Arlot. The four hectare sized climate is planted to equally parts with Chardonnay (and a bit of Pinot Beurot) and Pinot Noir. The red clos d'Arlot is perhaps one of the most delicate and finest wine of Nuits-Saint-Georges. Its stregth is its finesse. The white Clos d'Arlot is one of the best white wines of the Côte de Nuits and usually sold out very quickly.

Nuits-Saint-Georges Clos des Forêts-Saint-Georges, the second red Premier-Cru by d'Arlot encloses amazing seven hectares. The grapes are processed by the age of the vines. The youngest are degraded to Nuits-Saint-Georges, the middle aged ones are for the Nuits-Sait-Georges Premier Cru, and only those vines that produce deepness are for the Clos des Forêts. The samples from the wood had been as expected: The vines that were planted in 1989 produce a more feminine wine with bright fruit and it has not much deepness and structure, but shows definitely finesse. The wine made of vines that were planted in 1986 possesses a bit more structure and is more closed. Vines planted in 1982 produce a definitely darker, terroir based, spicy Nuits. The wine made of fifty years old vines after all is a worthy Clos des Forêts-Saint-Georges, even darker, with spice and earthy terroir notes. Classical, deep Nuits.

Bottle Samples:

Nuits-Saint-Georges Jeunes Vignes du Clos des Forêts-Saint-Georges 2000
Wine from young vines. Rather bright, as expected; neither the rich finesse of the Clos d'Arlot, nor the deepness of the Clos des Forêts-Saint-Georges, but still a solid Nuits of the lighter sort. After some years of maturing it definitely it will be more beautiful and accessible.

Nuits-Saint-Georges Clos d'Arlot 2000
Very fine, tender bouquet. Rather opened and now good for tasting. Strawberry and bright red fruit with fine terrior-tones. Delicate and very fine. Finesse pure!

Nuits-Saint-Georges Clos des Forêts-Saint-Georges 2000
Closed - for a young Forêts nevertheless extraordinarily open, but good structured. Dark fruit and deepness. Classical Nuits.

Nuits-Saint-Georges Clos d'Arlot 1999
Much more closed than the 2000 pendant. More structure and fullness. Fine aptitude, great potential. Needs probably a good decade for maturing.

Nuits-Saint-Georges Clos d'Arlot blanc 2001
Already bottled the Clos d'Arlot was perfect for drinking at the moment. Exotic fruit, especially citric fruit, great acidity, fine terroir notes. In the finish it opens up to a fantastict mouth filling wine with good structure. Notes of butter. Now irresistable it will approximately close soon, and then it will only open up in a few years with incomming maturity.

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