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Vineyard of Guado al Melo

Beneath Grattamacco, the young wine estate of Podere Guado al Melo is situated. The building for wine processing and storing only becomes visible from close range. It is built into the vineyard as a cellar. The estate farms twelve hectares of wine and another two of olive trees. The family business in Bolgheri hasn't been in existence for too long. The family of Scienza ran an estate in the Trentino. In 1999, they replanted the vineyard "Vigneto die Santa Maria". Gradually the vines have grown into an interesting age. Michele Scienza runs the business, advied by his father, a professor for wine growing. The family is very concerned about tradition and the origin of the wine, and owns a library containing more than 15,000 books on these topics. A part of the vineyard is an experimental cultivation including more than 30 different grape varieties from the Mediterranean area to the Caucasus, where the origin of wine growing lies. Thus this vineyard is a living library which conserves ancient and rare grape varieties.

The family regards the terroir of Bolgheri as excellent. The aim is to produce a wine with the characteristics of the red Bordeaux, combining the outstanding qualities of the Bordeaux with Tuscany, creating something unique. Use of barrique is handled with care; even the top wine of the estate, the Guado al Melo Bolgheri Superiore, only gets 10% new barrels - so the wood can't drown the wine. They aim at fine wines, not alcohol bombs.

View from Castiglioncello on Guado al Melo

Bottle Samples:


Guado al Melo Bianco igt 2005
80% Vermentino, 20% Viogner.
Flintstone and mineral notes. In the mouth honey, caramel and butter. Good, full-bodied white.


Antillo Bolgheri Rosso 2005
70% Sangiovese, 30% other grape varieties.
Elegant in the nose, fruity with nice acidity. Light, pleasant wine. A good companion for pasta.
"Antillo" is a fantasy name, invented by a child.

Guado al Melo Bolgheri Rosso 2004
80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot.
Dark and still a bit closed. Spices and tobacco.

Jassarte igt 2004
Thirty different grape varieties from an experimental cultivation vineyard.
Compex, chocolate, caramel and dark fruit, even - but not unpleasant - tones of Mettwurst (German sausage meat spread). Intense, exciting wine. An experiment which succeeded. Might be stored for ten years, but nobody knows yet ...
"Jassarte" is the Greek name of a river at the edge of the Greek region of influence, thus separating the Orient from the Occident. Here it symbolises cultural exchange: In the Jassarte, grape varieties of both regions are used.

Jassarte igt 2003
Thirty different grape varieties from an experimental cultivation vineyard.
Dark with port wine tones. Very ripe, like a wine from the south. In the mouth soft. Ripe apricot.
The first vintage of this wine is sold out in the wine estate.

Guado al Melo Bolgheri Superiore 2004
Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.
Beautiful red. In the nose already open. Classical Boreaux tones: sweet pepper (capsicum), cedar wood, tobacco. In the mouth softer and sweeter than a Bordeaux. Great, elegant, well-balanced wine. Definitely will improve with age.
The 2004 is only the second vintage. With increasing age of the vines it could rise among the ranks to the top Bolgheri wines.

Guado al Melo and Jassarte

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