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San Giusto a Rentennano

At the moment there is a very popular fashion in the Chianti area that takes the acidity from the wines in order to make them very fruity and mature in a short time. But fortunately there are still some 'old fashioned' wine makers who regard their wines as an expression of the terroir and give them enough time to open up. Amongst latter we definitely count the estate of San Giusto a Rentennano where one can find most impressive Chiantis that you can get. Very often you notice in the fragrance and taste earthy tones and tobacco, almonds and chocolate. These wines can be stored for longer very well and probably seem a bit hard and stiff in the very first moment - similar to good music which needs time until it opens up. The very present and truly intended terroir with often tones of powder sometimes reminded us of Burgundy wine - surely not a disadvantage for the wines.

We first came across this estate when we occasionally bought their wine. The tasting on the last Vin Italy fairs convinced us completely so we went to the southern part of the Chianti area and visited San Giusto. You can get their wines for a reasonable price and are meanwhile one of our favourite Tuscany wines. They haven't got too large quantities and also even on the estate the wine is sold out rather fast. It's worth investigating. The estate also offers an excellent strong olive oil which tastes best when consumed fresh.

Old Postcard of San Giusto a Rentennano


Vin Italy 2000

Chianti Classico 1998
Bright ruby colour. Fragrance of strawberry and cherry yoghurt. In the mouth pithy. Strength and Finesse. Full and long. Tremendous Chianti. Best when one forgets about drinking and leaves it in the cellar for some more years.

Chianti Classico Riserva 1997
Highly complex bouquet. Incense and spices. Taste of blueberries. A full wine with tones of terroir.

Percarlo 1997
In the nose much more closed than the Riserva. In the mouth aroma of fir needles. Similar to the Riserva, but but even calmer with grater potential. Almost never ending finish, fantastic, mouth filling. Will become a great wine!

31.03.2000 in Greve, Toskanna:

Chianti Classico 1993
Dark Chianti. From the very first moment aromas of soil. In the mouth sweet pipe tobacco, later tones of powder which you also can find sometimes in good Volnay Burgundy. Cassis notes.

Percarlo 1991
Much fuller and darker than the 93 Chianti. More fruit. Scents of leather, soil, coffee and powder in the nose. In the mouth full, harmonic. All in all perhaps a bit easier - the 93 Chianti, however, was definitely on the same party.

15th of April in Munich:

Chianti Classico 1990, 13,5%
Crimson, not much signs of maturity on the edges. In the nose dark raspberries, powder, violets, some powdered red pepper (capsicum) and cedar wood, Cassis - and tones of liquorice, wet soil. In the mouth still plenty tannin, good acidity, very young, dark fruit, Cassis, liquorice and juice of ripe plums. Fine and yet full, very long velvet aftertaste of plums. Very good Chianti which keeps much longer, perhaps before its top. Not so unfolded like the 93.

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