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Some Recommendations for Olive Oil

Besides wine olive oil is definitely another liquid treasure of Tuscany. The outstanding characteristic of Tuscany olive oil is its full, rich aromas of grass when the oil is very fresh. Aside from the olive oil of San Giusto and Frimaio (Poggio Romita) we accidentally came across a very fine oil from Liguria while visiting San Giusto.


Olio Extra Vergine di Oiliva del Chianti Classico
Fattoria San Giusto a Rentennano

San Giusto a Rentennano owns 22 acre of olive groves. In 1999 about 8,38 tonnes of olives were harvested which produced 1225 litres of oil. The oilves were harvested by hand, stored in a aerated storage and were extracted on every third or fourth day by cold pressing procedure. The oil is not filtrated.

Degustation vintage 1999
Golden-yellow colour with tones of grass-green. Aroma of fresh grass and green tea. Fine hot tones of grass. Typically for good Tuscany olive oil it opens up a intense, tasty body. Rich oil for salad and fried fish and poultry. Produced with the same carefully philosophy like the estate's wine. A pleasure.


Olio Extra Vergine di Oiliva
Fattoria Poggio Romita

Poggio Romita owns 15 hectar of olive groves on which trees of the type Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Correggiolo are growing. The trees are harvested by hand and extracted by a cold pressing procedure.

Degustation vintage 1999
In the colour lemon-yellow and grass-green. Aromas of fresh grass, hay, lemon skin and sweet chestnut. Very fine and hot, present, quite rich body. Very good for enjoying with white bread. Also very good with summer salads or with fish and meat filet. Top-Tuscany oil.


Olio Extra Vergine di Oiliva
Azienda Agricola San Damiano di Francesca Barnato

Label  San Damiano

The old, traditional family estate is in Liguria in the district of Stellanello on the slopes of the Merulariver. The about 7 hectars of olive groves are situated between 350 and 450 metre above sea level and consist mainly of century old trees of the type Taggiasca and are cultivated organically. Only olives from the own estate are used. They are harvested by hand and during 48 hours extracted with a traditional stone-press.
During our visit we were told that they considered exporting the oil to Germany. And truly it would be an enrichment for every cuisine of an German olive oil fan or expert.

Degustation vintage 1999
Straw-yellow colour. Aromas of hay. In the mouth hay, mineral tones reminding of sand. Very fin, light oil. Mild, excellent and extraordinary tender. An olive oil which is very good for mild fish and in general for mild dishes with fine taste emphasizing not covering them. We were delighted when trying it together with buffalo mozerella spiced only with fresh basil stressing and opening up the creamy taste in an impressing way. An oil for understating.

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