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Castello della Paneretta

In the very beginning of our wine engagement on a party we came across a bottle of Chianti from Castello della Paneretta which Baron Enzio von Kühlmann-Stumm brought with him from his cellars. He was very proud of this discovery, too. The 1986 was a surprise for us. We tried a glass and were charmed by its unique individual bouquet. One has to time the moment of opening well, but sometimes you find a good bottle from which it emerges. This eight year old 86 connected us to Paneretta and was the begin of a friendship.

Castello della Paneretta

The Castello della Peneretta is situated in the Val d'Elsa, overlooking the are from a small hill. The Castello was built around 1600, makes a strong and massive impression, but is yet elegant and illuminated by warm sunlight. On the walls of its courtyard there are fragments of paintings likewise in the knights hall which we know of our degustations of the latest vintages. One only can dream of living in such a place with a beautiful garden overviewing the landscape that seems to be flooded by southern light.

The estate in its modern form exists since 1985 and the 85 was the first vintage. But in the cellar one still can find some older bottles from the former owner. The cellar's gates are so narrow that the big wooden barrel have to be put together inside the cellar.

Without doubt wines from Paneretta became more modern, they slightly adapted their wine to the fashionable fruity, wood barrel-vanilla aroma which mainly suits the American market, but nevertheless they count to one of the best estates of the region.


Vin Italy 2000

Chianti Classico 1998
Quite open. Cherries and good acidity.

Chianti Classico Riserva 1997
Colour of cherries. Still some fermentation tones, cherry, game, venison, wood aromas and pleasantly hot. Not too full in the taste. Vanilla, almonds and mild tannins.

Chianti Classico Riserva Torre a destra 1997
50% of this Chianti is kept in new Barriques and 50% in large wooden barrels. Colour is not too bright. Spicy, tobacco. Has more body than the ordinary Riserva, but less acidity.

Terrine 1997
Cuvée of 50% Canaiolo and 50% Sangiovese. Dark, some purple tones. In the nose blackberries and blueberries. Still some tones of fermentation. Very good full bodied wine.

1596-1996 (Quattrocentenario) 1997
100% Sangiovese taken from the estate's best vines. Stored in Barriques for twelve month. Very very dark, scents of tobacco. In the mouth dark fruit. Still closed, but shows the potential for a very, very good.

Barrel sample, March 31st, 2000, Castello della Paneretta:

Chianti Classico 1999
Dark fruit, still some green notes. Rather full and massive, very fruity.

Chianti Classico Riserva 1998
Dark. Vanilla, good tannin, pleasant acidity, dark fruit, red apple.

Chianti Classico Riserva Torre a destra 1998
Darker. Some Cassis, red apple as well. The wood seems to be better integrated. Fuller that the ordinary Riserva. Long.

Chianti Classico Riserva 1999
In the big barrel only for two weeks. Fruity. Strawberry and raspberry. Still sparkling yeast.

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