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Frimaio - Fattoria Poggio Romanita

1994 during a short visit in Greve we purchased several Chianti wines of the vintage 1991 in a small wine store. We had an interesting talk with the owner and he recommended the one or the other bottle. In the very end, because we asked for Castello della Paneretta, he pointed at a very reasonable bottle and told us this wine had quite a similar stile and was excellent. - At home the bottle rested for two years in the cellar until it was opened for the occasion of a visit. The wine had an astonishing broad, but very fine bouquet. Since then Frimaio is one of the favourites from Tuscany and had never disappointed us.

Label Frimaio

In April 2000 we visited the wine estate for the second time and were shown around the estate and production facilities by the daughter of the vinter. The elegant Frimaio and the more full-bodied Riserva count to the estate's top wines. They are sold for the market rather late, but also the simple Chianti Poggio Romita is worth its money and an ideal supplement for meals. Their olive oil counts to the best ones.


Vin Italy 2000

Chianti Classico Frimaio 1997
Full carmine red. Tones of pepper in the fragrance. The taste has a good acidity, cherries, black olives and chocolate.

Munich, 08th of April 2000:

Chianti Classico Frimaio 1997
Dark, thick red. In the fragrance Pepper, coffee and cacao. Dark fruit. In the taste slight tones of tobacco, dark fruit; beautiful acidity of dark cherries and very fine tannin. Good finish that leaves behind a tender taste of morellos.

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