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A very pleasant merchant's house which we won't miss on our annual visits. Though we meanwhile know the cellar quite well we just simply had to visit it again. And there also was a nice representative choice of wines we could taste.

Moillard - Cellar


Bourgogne Hautes Côte de Nuits blanc 1998
Domaine Thomas-Moillard
Yellow like straw. In the nose sulphur, flint-stone and tones of white of egg. In the mouth full, flint-stone, slightly nut, a bit lemon, some vanilla. Better than in the nose, but not really convincing. (58 F)

Meursault 1998
Brilliant light yellow. In the fragrance flowers, light varnish tones, after a while in the air also vanilla and banana, some pepper. In the mouth harmonic, wood, banana, slightly hot on the tip of the tongue. Rather mild acidity. In the finish unfortunately some tones of white of egg. A bit thin. (175 F)

Puligny-Montrachet 1985
A mature Puligny. Brilliant, light yellow. In the nose very intense toast-aromas and flint-stone, so it is difficult to find something behind it. A bit orange peal, after a while in the air also vanilla. In the taste flint-stone, some flowers, full. Aroma of apple skin due to the acidity, in the finish a bit white of egg. Interesting, but too one-dimensional. (173 F)

Moillard - Degustation shop


Santenay 1998 (Tasteviné)
Indifferent red. In the fragrance grape-juice and glucose. In the mouth plenty of tannin and apple skin. Very closed, slightly resinous. (85 F)

Nuits-Saint-George Clos de Thorey 1er Cru 1997
Domaine Thomas-Moillard
Blackberry red. In the nose forest berry, fir-needles and some pomegranate. Beautiful, typical dark and very appealing Burgundy-fragrance. In the mouth still plenty of tannin, slightly hot, stalk wood and still green components. Good fruit. Still needs plenty of time. Often one of the most convincing wines of the house and this year very good. (175 F)

Bonnes Mares 1997
A bit darker. Nose still closed. Glucose and red apple. In the mouth rather sweet, a bit sugar, black currant; finish perhaps a bit short. We will see. (365 F)

Nuits-St.-Georges Cuvée les Brûlées 1986
Hospices de Nuits, Moillard-Grivot
Brick red. A bit misty because of the stirred sediment. In the nose slight ageing tones, burnt tones and spice. In the mouth also ageing tones. A bit sugar. Past its zenith. (173 F)

Gevrey-Chambertin La maison de Mosaïques1997
Rather light colour. In the fragrance feminine, flowers and some cocoa. In the mouth a bit one-dimensional and somehow thin. Cherry and apple-like acidity. Still green tones.

Chambertin Clos de Beze 1997
Blackberry colour. In the fragrance leather, bitter cocoa, black currant and powder notes. In the mouth very closed. Good balance between acidity and tannins. Morellos. Still a bit green, tones of green apple skin. Good fruit, good structure. In about ten years definitely excellent. (435 F)

Grands-Echezeaux 1996
Strawberry colour. In the fragrance powder, forest berry, milk chocolate, dried fruit, cooked fruit, figs and some marzipan. In the taste still very closed. Strong acidity, in the direction of cherry. In the finish resins, in the aftertaste associations with tobacco. Complex, good wine. (400 F)

Moillard - Cellar

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