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A Tour through the Côte


This year we were very happy that the coming autumn welcomed us with the most beautiful weather. The leaves already had turned more golden than last year at the same time, was on its way to gold. And the vineyards, harvested and empty, lay there abandoned and in silence under the sky, radiating their quietness into time.

When the weather is pleasant one shouldn't miss making a tour through the Côte. We start in the northern village of Fixin with some beautiful scenic views; on the next picture the old church.

Church of Fixin

Best to take the narrowest streets and ways, although sometimes they end in mud or simply become a dead end. But you always find the heart: On the following picture the stairs which lead to the climate of Romanée-Conti.

Stairway to heaven - Romanée-Conti

When we passed the famous climate of Vosne-Romanée and made a stop at the often visited vineyards we saw a group of harvest workers coming from the village.

Richeboug - Harvest

The midday break was over and Domaine La Romanée-Conti continued with the manual harvesting of the climate of Richebourg. Aubert de Villaine stood on the wall in order to have an eye on everything.

Richeborg - Harvest

He had waited during the rain, and the rest of the grapes had had the opportunity of catching a bit of sunlight and filling with light.

We continue further south, to the Côte de Beaune. Those who have ever tried getting to the climates of Beaun might have noticed that this isn't so easy. They seem to hide themselves - like Kilian on the next picture.

Kilian Fitzpatrick hidden

Again and again the streets turn and wind back into the city. And even when you found a way into the vineyards it can happen that it is leading you out again very soon.

Vineyards Cote de Beaune

But our enquiries were worthwhile, because this section of the Côte is one of the most beautiful ones. On the next picture one can see the archway leading to the relatively unknown Beaune 1er Cru, climate Clos Avaux.

Clos de Avaux nearby Beaune

As follows, our degustations for 2001.

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