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In Moillard's cellar

Just like every year we were looking forward to the degustation in this recommendable trading company, whose domain wines mostly turn out very well. The cellar which is accessible to visitors, where about one tenth of the wine is stocked, is a good starting point for Burgundy novices to experience a brilliant first impression of the underground world of Burgundy. In the modern tasting room, which might appear a little sterile, but is well-equipped, there are always very good open bottles provided. The visitor is handed decent sampling glasses, not the metal Tastevins (which only serve for judging the colour and transparency of the wines, at best) which are used in many other places for the queues of tourists filing past the wines. The salesman we always met over the past few years is willing to talk shop about wines when there are not too many customers. The rarities of the wine list are getting sparser though every year; they reach back to a Corton Bressandes 1949 and a Pommard 1947 - bottled light that our parents were exposed to ...

In Moillard's cellar



Bourgogne Hautes Cotes de Nuits 1997
Domaine Thomas-Moillard
Light yellow. Honey, mineral, light touches of white of egg. Pleasant in the mouth, mineral, ripe apple, good acidity. (FF 54)

Meursault 1997
Light golden. Mineral fragrance, plenty of wood, quince. High acidity, apple, acrid on the tongue. All in all still too wood-biased. (FF 173)

Tasting room at Moillard's


Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru Clos de Thorey 1996
Domaine Thomas-Moillard
One of the main climates of the domain. Morello red. Fragrance of strawberry, red fruit jelly and soil. Red apple skins in the taste. Good acidity, dry and slightly bitter tannin. Bitter finish, slightly green - not as convincing as other vintages. (FF 166)

Vosne Romanée 1er Cru Malconsorts 1997
Domaine Thomas-Moillard
Another main pillar of the domain. Cherry red. Fine aromas. Vanilla and flowers. Still high in tannin. Pepper, almonds and nutmeg. Tasty! (FF196)

Grands-Echezeaux Grand Cru 1996
Dark strawberry red. Strained strawberries, sweet plums. Complex. Jam and, after some time exposed to the air, blackberries. Dark tannin. Wood, blackberries and fruit yoghurt. Good acidity. Good wine. (FF425)

Bonnes Mares Grand Cru 1997
Domaine Thomas-Moillard
Blackberry red. More edgy than the Grands-Echezeaux. Elderberry and wood aromas. Good tannin and good acidity. Still very closed. Strong and long. Slightly metallic aftertaste. (FF365)

Nuits-Saint-Georges Cuvée les Brûlées 1986
Hospices de Nuits, Moillard-Grivot
Plenty of stirred-up sediment, since the sampling bottle was almost empty. Mature. Touches of orange. Ripe fruit, cherry, spices. Obvious tannin. Cherry, tobacco and soil in the mouth. Still slightly one-dimensional. Not to be kept too much longer. (FF173)

Drunk bottles:

Chambolle-Musigny 1984
Strong red, with orange edges. Red paprika. Light touches of almond, black olives, slight earthy tones. In the mouth tannin, spices, keen on the tip of the tongue, wild plum acidity. The fruit might be getting low, still a good wine. (half bottle, FF49)

Chambertin Grand Cru 1984
Colour of cranberries with an orange hue at the edges. Pleasant fragrance of pine cones, spices, fur and ham, pepper. Acidity still present on the tongue, ham in the finish, cranberries, tobacco, long warm finish, tannin almost brittle but pleasant. Touches in the aftertaste that are reminiscent of dried fruit and plums. Excellent. (FF195)

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