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Enjoyed at Night

Some of the bottles we had at night during our visit are already mentioned above with their respective domains (see 'drunk bottles'). Here only wines from vintners we didn't visit this year are listed (all drunk October 2000).


Bourgogne En Hommage à l'Année 2000
A Cuvée from different vintages and probably different climates. Plum-coloured red.
Pepper, spices, truffle, wet fur and red peppers. Keen on the tongue. Balanced in tannin and acidity, plum-like, leathery, medium length. Elegance, however, is somewhat missing.

Nuits-St.-Georges 1972
Plum-coloured, some maturity hues at the edges. In the nose a slight touch of age, pepper, red paprika, leather and boiled, slightly thick tones. In the mouth boiled fruit, plum. Viscous, a bit like boiled concentrate. Vitality and elegance are missing.
Leroy has been a bone of contention in wine journalism for some time. Some admire the wines, others reject them. We haven't had all too much experience with Leroy wines. If the two wines dealt with here are representative of the style of the estate, though, we are not going to be big fans. Concentration is present, but it appears somewhat exaggerated, covers the fine aromas, makes the wines appear thickish and lifeless. Of course one can't generalise on the basis of these two wines; this is just a first impression.

Aloxe-Corton 1991
Château des Barrigards
Carmine, with beginning maturity. Fragrance of pepper, red paprika and cranberry. In the mouth pepper on the tip of the tongue, pleasant light fruit and touches of red fruit jelly, not very full-bodied with a slight metallic aftertaste on the tongue.

Chambolle-Musigny 1986
Gislaine Barthod
Fine carmine with maturity touches on the edges. A pleasant age fragrance, cranberry, strawberry, red paprika and spicy tones - light fruit tendency. In the mouth cranberry, nice ripe fruit, some acridity. The fruit unfolds to plum. Very fine, feminine wine.
Drunk in the small, fine restaurant Chambolle-Musigny at Chambolle-Musigny with a very good dinner.

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