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Di Vaira


Entrance to Di Vaira

Directly beside the wine estate of Eucaliptus, the one of Vincenzo di Vatia is situated. Like next door, one can buy in-house olive oil, fresh fruit and vegetable - also white and red grapes from their own vineyard. Di Varia has been making wine for a long time. For 25 years he's been selling it as Vino Sfuso - open wine which is filled into brought-along bottles. In 2002 he started to merchandise his wine in bottles, too. And meanwhile he even has – besides the steel tanks - five barriques in the cellar of his house. There his Bolgheri Superiore is maturing and going to be sold in 2008 for the first time. The labels of Di Varia are decorated by coloured drawings of butterflies. At Di Varia one can – just like in the neighbouring estate of Eucaliptus - purchase a Bolgheri at low price, at the moment six to eight Euro per bottle. They were typical examples of their kind which can be drunk joyfully without claiming to be international first class wines.

Wine Selection at Di Vaira

Bottle Samples:


Uvanima igt 2006
70% Vermentino, 30% Malvasia.
Fresh with green reflections. Some pepper. In the finish not very long. Simple, good summer wine. The name is a pun from Uva (grape) and Anima (spirit).

Bolgheri Bianco Caccia al Palazzo 2006
80% Vermentino, 20% Malvasia.
Pale straw-yellow. In the fragrance acacia, apricot and grape sugar. In the mouth smooth. Nice play between acidity and sweetness. Fine!


Bolgheri Rosato Caccia al Palazzo 2006
100% Cabernet Sauvignon.
In the fragrance pure strawberry! Fresh and tasty. Going well with an afternoon with a beautiful view ...


Le Ballerine igt 2006
70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot.
Dark red. Still very young. Some tobacco and dark fruit. Still needs time.
The ballerinas who are responsible for naming the wine are the two daughters of the wine maker.

Bolgheri Rosso Caccia al Palazzo 2006
50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Merlot.
Dark red. Aromas of dark cherry and some chocolate and liquorice. Very young.

Wine Cellar at Di Vaira

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